NATWAR SAYS “SONIA has a very ” UN-INDIAN ” core.

NATWAR SAYS “SONIA thinks, acts, lives like the opposite of what we Indians think, act and live… that is she has a very ” UN-INDIAN ” core. (she is just a beef-eating ordinary racist ITALIAN who applies their bloody materialistic mindset “use and throw” for human relationships and for human beings ..she would throw human beings as materials when they are no more useful)
Sonia says NATWAR SINGH has a very un-Indian core which she shows in the way she cuts people out of her life.
Yes, he is right ; and I am adding this : Aloof, distant , arrogant, imperialist, authoritarian, unforgiving, prone to vengeance even many years after, she is reflecting “western materialistic mind devoid of fear of God (because she knows deep inside that the Jesus the West flaunts to the world is something they themselves do not believe in but reserved for “AFRICANS” or “INDIANS” …just as a billboard of advertisement to attract underdeveloped people to their fold to sell to them all they can sell.
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