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Life Saving ‘Loading Dose’ in Acute Myocardial Infarction – Heart Attack

God is whispering through your ears!
Listen , assimilate· & spread· the good· message· .
It may be· a ‘Life Saving’ message· for yourself , your family and your friends

01. ‘Loading Dose’ consists of the following combination:-

a) Disprin 325 mg – 1 tablet
b) Atorvastatin 80 mg – 1 tablet
c) Clopitab 150 mg – 2 tablets

The above mentioned 3 tablets should be· kept in a small· envelope and kept in the
pocket always.

02 . Who should keep· the ‘loading dose’ in their shirt pocket ?

The following susceptible (vulnerable) people· who may develop· a heart·attack· any time· while at home· , office· or while travelling:-

a) Diabetes
b) High blood· pressure
c) Smokers
d) People above 40 years· of age·
e) Obese individuals (80 kgs & above)
f) Who have· high· ‘bad’ blood· cholesterol
g) Those with family history· of heart· attack·
h) Those who have· stressful job· and lot· of mental stress·

03 . ‘Heart attack’ can affect· you any time· of the day or week· .

04 . “Self-diagnosis on possibility· of a heart· attack· –
(‘Warning Signals of a Heart Attack’):-

a) Discomfort in the chest· (so called gas· trouble)
b) Heart burn·
c) Indigestion
d) Pain in the chest· , lightening pain· or heavy· pain· or pressing pain· , pain· radiating to the left arm· , neck , back or jaw
e) Sweating or perspiration even in cold· atmosphere·
f) Unusual difficulty· in climbing up stairs or difficulty· , discomfort· while walking
g) Pain radiating to the left arm· , neck , back or jaw
h) Feeling of giddiness·

05 . Any of the above signals indicate· that a person· may have· an impending· ‘heart attack’ . You need urgent medical attention; don’t postpone; call· a doctor· or an ambulance to your office· or residence· .

06 . Do not drive· a vehicle· or walk· (quietly lie· down) .

07 . During the above situations , please· swallow· with a tumbler of water·yourself the ‘loading dose’ , which is in your pocket .

08 . These ‘loading dose’ first· aid· tablets reduce· the viscosity of the blood·decrease· the severity· of heart· attack· and ‘save your life’ .

09 . The above said combination· of medicine· , i . e . ‘LOADING DOSE’ , is available in KG Pharmacy , Coimbatore , in a separate envelope , which may be· kept in your pocket always .

Dr. G. Bakthavathsalam
KG Hospital & Post Graduate Medical Institute
Telephone: 0422-2212121

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