National culture influences the individual culture , that’s why sculpting the social psyché to welcome “dharma” is our duty.

SUPPOSE LET WHAT A CHILD LEARNS IS 100% then we can estimate approximately (not accurately) the CONTRIBUTION of parents to be at 50% : the remaining 50% comes from whom ???? that part comes from school , society, tv , cinema, friends, country’s overall culture and way of living…so, if we examine the second part in detail, we can see that they are inter dependent so they should be viewed as “one single block ” where every element is dependent on the other and where a holistic vision is a must. So, that ‘s why we should strive to revive the “sanatana dhrama” our art of living , especially, in the southern most tip of India so that our children, grand children may find a country where living is a pleasure not a burden.. That’s why, we need to be UNITED to instill this holistic view in people’s psyche.

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